2019-2020 School Year
To help connect families with transportation needs!

 SJHHS will again provide CARPOOL e-BULLETINS this school year.

e-bulletins are listservs with information about families needing or offering carpool help.

It is your responsibility to directly contact an individual listed if you're interested in a carpool with them!!!

The carpool notices posted in the CARPOOL e-BULLETINS are provided only as a service to SJHHS families. No guarantee is offered or implied that the listed individuals are licensed to drive, have safe vehicles, or are otherwise suitable carpool partners.  If you choose to arrange a carpool with someone who has posted a notice here, you're responsible for determining whether the situation is likely to be safe and appropriate for your family members.


Ask questions -- a responsible driver will probably welcome your concerns.


Send your carpool requests to!


Aliso Viejo:

Capo Beach:

*I have a sophomore son and would like to find a carpool home for him. He is on a regular schedule.  We live on Camino Capistrano in between Estrella and Mira Costa. I can drive every morning. Like to leave no later than 7:15am due to traffic. Please give me a call Trish Jones 949-468-6563. I could pick up in Forester Ranch which is on the way if you don’t mind driving back to CB. Thank you!

Dana Point:

*I have a zero period freshman son who I am looking for someone to carpool with from Dana Point. We live off Stonehill/Blue Lantern. I am willing to do the mornings, finding a ride home for him after school would be ideal. I am flexible though, able to drive home a couple days a week if necessary.   Warmest, Noelle Mathieu  or 949-702-4838


Ladera Ranch:

*I live in Ladera Ranch, off of Eton Place (near the waterpark).  I have a freshman.  We are looking for anyone in the area looking to carpool.  The more the merrier so we can break up the driving more.  I’m flexible with driving mornings or afternoons (depending on the days). TIA!  Debbie Avoux  (959)283-8407

*‘We have a son going into 9th grade.  We live in Ladera Ranch, Founders Park area and wondering if anyone would be interested in carpooling.  I would prefer to take the pm shift, but I can be flexible too.  Thanks!  Contact Ariana at or 949-981-2020. 

*Looking for carpool from Covenant Hills. I would prefer to take children, and have someone pick up 5 days a week.  Chris Black 415-755-0047

*I’m looking for carpool help in the mornings for my 9th grader.   We live off Avendale by Founders.  I can pick up after school, (we’re in football) if they have football or any other sports practice after school, I can pick up after.    Or can help in morning thurs/Fridays. I work at 6am so I cant do all mornings.   

Tina Trice 949-463-0904

*Looking for morning drop off at San Juan hills.  I live in Covenant.   I can do afternoon pick ups or rotate morning and afternoons. Cherilyn Devecka  973-768-1348.   949-829-7852

*We are interested in carpooling to and from Ladera Ranch to San Juan Hills High School. > We live near Chaparral Elementary

*Hi,  We are hoping to find a carpool for our sophomore.  We live in Esencia, and our son Jordan does not have zero period. It would be so helpful if we can find someone to help with getting him to and from school. We are a family with 20 month old triplets, so as you can imagine, loading babies into the car twice a day is just not doable. We are feeling a bit desperate to find a carpool.  We paid a senior last year to take him to school, so we are hoping to match up with someone who  is already driving to SJHHS.  612-584-7397

*Flintridge area - Ladera Ranch  Looking for carpool partner. I have a sophomore, Aidan.  He has a Zero period and goes to the end of school at 2:45pm.    
Let me know if interested. 
Kari Piecuch  949-836-9658 cell 

*I live in Ladera Ranch off of Sklar. My daughter needs a ride home from school Monday-Friday at 3:00 p.m. from San Juan Hills High School. I’m willing to contribute with gas money. Contact Saffie Ahmed (949)922-5033 (please leave a message if I do not answer) or email me at ( Thank you. 

*Hello: I am looking for a carpool for my sophomore son for the Fall semester.  I need help on Mondays in the afternoons. I am happy to reciprocate in the mornings but cannot do afternoons.  We live in Covenant Hills and I’m just looking for a ride home for him.  If you are able to help, please let me know.  Thanks!  Tina Anastasiow

*My freshman needs a ride home ONLY (we have mornings covered), M-F except Thursday’s. This is needed just until basketball starts in the winter.  I can drive 2 days a week, if you can alternate with me. Or, if you are available just to drive him 1 day a week or more I would be SO grateful! We are right off Antonio & Terrace, in the apartments next to the church (Laurel Terrace Apts). Please text Angela at 714-791-1909

*Hi, I’m looking for someone to drive my sophomore daughter home on W/F afternoons. I can drive M/T mornings and/or afternoons. We live off Potters Bend. Please contact me, Theresa, at 847-452-8614 or

*We live in Oak Knoll Village in Ladera. My son is a Junior. We are in urgent need of finding him a ride home 2-3 days a week. He has a ride in the mornings and a couple days after school. I’m mom who is a bedridden cancer patient so I’m unable to drive. As much as I would love to help out and share the duty of driving I unfortunately can’t. 
My son is not playing sports this year so he gets out at normal school hours. If anyone is able to give him a ride home2-3 days a week we would be so grateful. Please contact me (Myshel 949-254-1894) I think its M-T-Th he needs rides. 

*I live in Ladera Ranch in Terramor behind the water park. I have a freshman and I am looking for someone available to carpool. I am available to take the morning shifts and I am looking for help in the afternoons. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you! Call/text 812-781-0177 or email

*Ladera Ranch:(Windmill/Snapdragon) Junior boy needs ride to school every morning. Ideally I would love to find 4 other moms to share carpool duties so we only need to drive 1 day per week! Flexible on days. Call Tiffany @ 949-355-4233

*Yvette Cook I have a freshman who needs a ride from San Juan Hills HS after school. We live in Oak Knoll but he is willing to walk from LRMS if someone can get him there.

* We currently live in Ladera but are moving over to the Esencia community this weekend.  We will be living off of Chiquita Canyon & Airoso.  We can take in the mornings except Fridays & can pick up 2x a week after school (Mon. & Tues OR Tues. & Thurs.). Our son is a sophomore.  We are desperate as our current carpool ends this week!

. : : karina valdez : : .   cell: 949.291.0268

Laguna Niguel:

*Hi there, We are new to San Juan Hills, but are coming from Laguna Niguel (Crown Valley and Alicia Pkwy area) wondering if there is anyone else coming from Laguna Niguel or Dana Point looking to carpool?  I have a daughter going into the 9th grade.  Thanks, Christina Spiegler 949-338-1823

*I am looking to find carpool for my 10th grade daughter with a regular schedule. We are in Laguna Niguel near crown valley and niguel rd. I am able to drop off in the morning but need help with pick up in the afternoons. 949-573-3356 text or call. Thank you! Cristin Kalb

*Hi, I have a son who is freshman in SJHHS and we live in Laguna Niguel ( Rancho Niguel area) He doesn’t have zero period and I’m looking for someone to bring my son back home from school M-F ( it doesn’t have to be all five days, it could be 2 or 3 days per week ) I can drive kids to school in the mornings. Please let me know if interested. Call or text 949-463-3081 Gaby Karlsson Thank you! 

Laguna Niguel/Dana Point Area:

**Hi, We live in Bear Brand area of Laguna Niguel and our son is a Sophomore at SJH.  Looking for someone to carpool with who lives near us and is flexible on days and times.  Please contact Michelle at (949) 923-8653

Rancho Mission Viejo:

*I have freshman girl in Rancho mission viejo. please need the afternoon drop off 5 days a week. I can do morning. willing to pay. K Park.949-232-4393

San Clemente:

*My sophomore daughter needs a ride home from school every day.  We live in Talega.  I am willing to pay or I can also offer to take to school in the mornings in exchange. 

Contact: Leslie Bruinsma 949-233-7889 or  Thank you!

*Forster Ranch San Clemente Carpool: Our carpool has 2-3 sophomores (most near Via Blanco and Vera Cruz). 2 kids have zero period. Room for 1-2 reliable, close-by families in morning. Kids in afternoon vary depending on sports and theatre commitments. Whether you need sporadic or every day carpool lmk, and we can see if can help each other out. Also looking for other San Clemente kids active in theatre for tech week carpools.  Text or email Amy at 949-244-7668,

*Carpool needed 1 to 5 days a week. I am very flexible and can work around your schedule.  Call 949-295-1100  My daughter is a new student/freshmen at SJHHS. We live across from the SC outlets and are hoping to find a carpool to school. I can do pick up/take home most days. Thanks, Derek Worden

*Hello, My daughter is a freshman and we would like to be added to the carpool list. We live in Talega by the Vista Del Mar School. My name is Julie Gibson Student: Sofia Gibson

Thank you, Julie Gibson   949-412-1900

*Hi, I am looking for rides for my sophomore daughter and junior son home from school - SJHHS. Preferably looking for everyday Monday-Friday, however, I am open to 2 days a week, 3 days a week, etc. I will pay for rides.  Also open for rides to school one or two days a week. Again, willing to pay for services, We live in San Clemente, The Reserve North. Please reach out to me via text/cell: 610-246-6488 or email paradisekohl@gmail.comThank you, Caren P Kohl

*Hi, we live in San Clemente at Califia, wondering if anyone else is in this neighborhood and interested in carpooling?  ank you, Stacey  949-637-4066

*We live in the Talega area and are interesting in sharing a carpool from school (and possibly to school also).  I am able to drive some afternoons, (and some mornings).  Please contact Lisa at 248-890-2819.

*Hi!  I’m looking to pay someone to bring my Junior son to Talega Ralph’s on Mon., Tues and Thursday.  He DOES NOT have a sixth period.  Please contact me at or 402-218-9287.  Thank you!


San Juan Capistrano:

*We have a freshman boy. We live in the Hunt Club off of Ortega and are looking for a car pool to San Juan Hills High School.  You can contact DeAnna Crosby  at Thank you.

San Juan/5 Fwy Area:

Stone cliff / Wagon Wheel / Coto de Caza Carpool:

*Looking to carpool to San Juan Hills HS - we live near Oso Parkway and 241 Toll road/Los Petrones Parkway. Have an incoming Freshman boy and looking to carpool - I cant take kids in the morning to school, looking for afternoon pick up/take home.  Please contact Suzanne’s cell (714) 402-5956.